The Farmstead

A stony rise tucked away in the Wilno Hills seemed like the perfect place for two young dreamers to get their hands dirty…

Deep, thick topsoil…nay.
Long, luxurious growing season…nope.

On the fringe of society, on the margins of lowlands, farmers must be creative. For the mono-crop scheme would prove unproductive immediately.

Primarily Polish immigrants settled this area. Every hillock had a productive farmstead. Land was cleared, ours by the Kuiack family. It is our duty and goal to revive the life of our farm and the farms of the surrounding community.

By not allowing the monumental stone fences to get swallowed by shrubs, by rebuilding paddocks so living stock may graze these slopes once again, by cutting hay and returning manure,

…by picking Stones &
planting Seeds…

We solemnly swear to provide Healthy Food from Healthy Land to all those with the Natural Yearn to connect their Bodies with the Cycles of this place we call Home.

Yours truly,
Jackson Franchetto & Blakeney Malo

Watch the video TVO Climate Change Shorts about living off-grid at Seed and Stone Farmstead